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Our Story

Here we specialize in hand-crafted bakery sweets and treats for your very special events and occasions. We understand the importance of creating special moments and blissful memories and strive to do so in every bite. We desire to provide the best quality and service for your special events and occasions, taking it step above bliss. 


Creatively expressing your visions.

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Quality should not be forgotten for the sake of beautiful design. We believe in providing an excellent customer experience from beginning to end by using quality ingredients to create baked goods that are a step above the rest.  


Servicing your special occasions with vision and care in mind.

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Our Founder

Hello! I’m Liz, a self-taught baker and your dedicated sweet and treat maker!


My love for baking was cultivated at the very tender age of seven years old through the combination of exploratory culinary experiences at home and a very active sweet tooth! I always loved celebrating holidays and birthdays and looked forward to the main event, cutting the cake! Each celebration created a special moment for me that I still remember to this day. At any given moment, I could go back to that memory of bliss and remember exactly what the cakes and treats tasted like and the joy felt. Here at theblessedbakeries we hope to do the same for you and your loved ones. 


Here at theblessedbakeries we’re more than a bakery, we’re an experience.

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